The Six Step CSDCAS Application Process

Applicants create an account in the CSDCAS online portal and follow the six step process outlined below to submit applications within the system.

End user schools are strongly encouraged to create a test account in the student portal to experience the application from the student perspective.  Please use a name like TestJane TestDoe so it is obvious this is a test account.

The Instructions and FAQs answer most questions about the application.  Bookmark it for easy access.

Step 1: Create a CSDCAS account.

Prospective students start by creating an account using the online application portal.

Step 2: Designate programs of interest.

Applicants must select—or designate—at least one program of interest before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Complete the four quadrants of the CSDCAS application—Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials.

Personal Information, Academic History, and Supporting Information are the core sections and need to be completed only once. This information will be shared with all designated schools.

Students enter transcript information in the Academic History section. This allows CSDCAS services to verify applicant information and accurately calculate GPAs for programs. Applicants are also able to self-report standardized test scores in this section.

Applicants must request three reference (or evaluation) letters in the Supporting Information section to submit the application. Letters are not required to verify an application. Applicants can also provide a list of experiences, achievements and conferences in this section.

Program Materials content is specific information each program collects from applicants (e.g., essays, custom questions, prerequisite courses, reference requirements).

Step 4: Request transcripts.

After creating an account and designating programs of interest, applicants must request the registrar at each school he or she attended to send transcripts for ALL college-level coursework directly to CSDCAS, either electronically or mailed to:

CSDCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9113
Watertown, MA 02471

Step 5: Submit the application.

Once a student has completed the three core application quadrants and the Program Materials section for at least one school she can submit the application.

Applicants pay $133 for the first program designation selected and $53 for each additional designation. 

Reference letters and transcripts do not need to be received by CSDCAS for an applicant to submit his application.

CSDCAS has a robust fee waiver program funded by CAPCSD.  Students may qualify for a fee waiver for the initial $133 fee based on income or participation in the McNair Scholars program. 

Step 6: CSDCAS reviews or verifies the application.

All college-level transcripts must be received by CSDCAS to move the application from Received to Complete status.  Once in Complete status, the application will move to the verification queue to be Verified.  After the required materials have been received by CSDCAS, the application is verified to ensure coursework entered by the applicant matches the official transcript. The verification process takes just a few days, but we recommend that all applicants submit at least 4 weeks ahead of time, in case additional information is needed or errors were made in the coursework entry process that need to be corrected.