Four Tips to Help You Efficiently Market Your New CAS

1. Make it easy for prospective students to find the information they need about your new application process.

Provide clear instructions on your website, in addition to the information you provide on the CSDCAS application portal, that describes the application process and any unique requirements you may have.

Update your “Apply Now” links with the correct CSDCAS address ( but also emphasize that the process has changed. Here is a sample message:

“[SCHOOL NAME] is participating in the Communication Science and Disorders Centralized Application Service (CSDCAS) in the (ENTER YEAR) application cycle. Applicants applying to our master’s-level program will apply online using the CSDCAS application beginning on (ENTER DATE). To learn more about CSDCAS, please visit CSDCAS Help.”

Help drive awareness by including the CSDCAS logo on your website.

2. Spare no detail.

Beyond describing the application process and your unique requirements, share information on your website that will proactively answer questions that your prospective students have. For instance, you might want to do all of the following:

CSDCAS Transcript Processing Center

P.O. Box 9113

Watertown, MA 02471

  • Emphasize how long the transcript verification process takes — applicants should plan up to 4 weeks to allow for corrections and the need for additional information to be submitted.
  • CSDCAS requires students to enter coursework in the application. Let students know this is a critical step to complete in the process! They also have the option of using the Professional Transcript Entry service if they wish, but this process can take up to 10 business days and applicants are responsible for reviewing and approving all coursework entered.

3. Make your expectations clear.

  • If you require a second institutional application and fee, provide the appropriate information and links.
  • If you require that applicants send transcripts to both CSDCAS and to your institution, state it clearly.
  • If you require students to provide GRE or other test scores, encourage students to submit scores after they create a CSDCAS application account.
    • Provide students with the CSDCAS specific GRE code if applicable.
  • If you list each of your delivery options for your programs in the “Add Program” tab, include a note on your website advising applicants not to choose multiple delivery options, so they can avoid additional designations fees.
  • Outline program-specific documents students are required to provide through the CSDCAS application, such as personal essays/statements, etc.

4. Leverage WebAdMIT to engage prospective student.

You can send customized and personalized emails to a single student or groups of students through WebAdMIT. Use this tool to encourage In Progress students to submit their applications.

Double-check that your applicant nurture campaigns provide students with CSDCAS specific information:

  • CSDCAS application link
  • CSDCAS customer service contacts
  • CSDCAS transcript processing center address
  • Application deadlines
  • CSDCAS Fee Waiver information
  • Tips on how to successfully progress through the application