From free, on-demand e-learning modules and a robust knowledge base for you to access at your convenience to live regional and on-site training sessions, we offer a range of options to support you as you onboard to CSDCAS and throughout your time leveraging the centralized application service for communications sciences and disorders programs.

Classroom-Based Training

We continuously work to offer cost-effective, instructor-led workshops that build on your foundational knowledge of WebAdMIT to help you apply best practices and optimize use of the product. An additional CSDCAS-specific training sessions will be held the day before the annual CAPCSD convention.


We offer regularly scheduled webinars to help you get the most value possible from WebAdMIT, the administrative backend of CSDCAS. This includes sessions that cover basic training, advanced training, and deeper dives into the Configuration Portal.

On-Demand Training

We know you’re busy, so we also offer e-learning courses that allow you to learn at your own pace, on your own time. These short, targeted video clips help you master one task before moving to the next, and each session can be completed in less than 1 hour.

WebAdMIT Basic Training Course

WebAdMIT Advanced Training Course

WebAdMIT Configuration Portal Training Course

WebAdMIT Support

If you have questions about WebAdMIT, please contact the support team: 
Tel: 857-304-2020 or e-mail: